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Increased demands from designers of naval constructions and lamination plants, of machinery for the chemical industry and electrical plants, have revived interest in foundry cupraluminiums, better known as aluminium bronzes. Many research centres have resumed studies on the influence of additions and impurities on the mechanical and anti-corrosive properties of these alloys, on dealuminizing phenomena in highly aggressive environments, on the porosity of casts and on more rational welding methods.
High resistance to impact and wear, erosion and cavitation, exceptional impregnability by many corrosive agents, the specific property of maintaining high mechanical characteristics at temperatures at which other copper alloys are unusable, all amply justify the preference for, and the important industrial applications found, in the use of aluminium bronze alloys.
The extensive experience we have gained has allowed us to implement a complete range of alloys, some being exclusively our idea, and others responding to the most widespread utilisation needs, complying with international standards. Along these lines, our technicians have studied, in collaboration with the technicians of our clients, alloys with characteristics for particular products, performances or production systems. Obviously, these alloys are not illustrated here since their industrial properties cannot be divulged, but they undoubtedly represent a wealth of experience for our sector experts.

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