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Soggetta a direzione e coordinamento da parte di EFFEPI S.r.l. ai sensi dell'art. 2497-bis del C.C.
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The range of brasses we produce is traditionally among the widest ranging available.
Our lengthy experience on the national market and the extent of our export business, qualify us as valid partners for every type of project. Considering this, we summarise hereunder our main productions, grouping them by prevalent deployment, with emphasis however on the fact that our plants regularly produce different alloys to client specification or according to standards and specifications from various Countries.
Our experienced technicians are at your disposal for any required service, in-depth analyses or study of new alloy or processing that may arise from the market or with clients.

Numero REA 520230 - N.Mecc BS 098068 - Codice Fiscale, Partita IVA e Numero Iscrizione Registro Imprese IT 03273660989